You Know The Keys To Create Your Style With Personality And Success

Do you really know what you like? Do you know the textures you prefer and the colors that go with you? Shopping in a special store? If you answer some of these questions affirmatively, in some way you are already defining your style. The most important fashion tip is to have a beautiful smile with the help of Tijuana Dental Studio.
Style is the way of being, acting and presenting yourself to others. It is what makes people remember you and that you feel more comfortable with yourself. It is that for her, knowing what the personal style is allows not only to look better but it would require less time to get ready. You know with certainty what type of garments and accessories serve for each occasion according to your own tastes. Also, by understanding your tastes and being able to define them you are more consistent with yourself and that will help you have greater security.
The specialist, who is director of the company Imagen Integral, a consultant in corporate image, politics and personnel ( says that all women have the ability to transform according to the moment, the circumstances or the humor, which would make us very versatile. In order to know what is your own style, you provide the necessary tools to fully understand how to achieve it.
Therefore, dedicate complete chapters to teach self-observation and determine what our silhouette and face is like. Also, it instructs how to choose the colors of the clothes, how to have a closet for each occasion and unravels the myths of fashion.
The second part of the book is dedicated to hair, makeup and skin care. And as if the manual was not complete, it ends with tips to define the accessories. It’s like she says, a manual with techniques and secrets, from head to toe. When you realize what your colors, tastes and preferences are, you never forget who you are, proposes to define the style by analyzing the celebrities but being very objective with what would be good for you and not.
Observe the physical similarities, styles and accessories they use. The objective is that one looks at the areas of opportunity and dares to explore them, but without ever letting themselves be carried away by the taste of others. To do it in the best way, define three fundamentals: body, age and budget. “Your body, observe objectively where ‘I’m fat’, do not use. Without judging yourself, watch yourself loving you, “he writes and reinforces, saying that we must all accept our body type and enjoy it.