Tips to always looking good

If you are one of those who has never cared about your appearance but now you need to look good for personal or work, these basic but essential tips will help you improve your way of fixing and your self-esteem.

Do not buy clothes of poor quality. It is better to have less than more, since the so-called fast fashion, which is very cheap clothes, does not last two hours.

Spend, for example, in a structured jacket, well cut, as well as being a basic garment with a lot of styles combined with everything. Choose it long, and they are the ones that stylize the most.

Do not forget your beauty routine. Yes, invest in good skin creams, hair treatments will also make a big difference, but the most important thing is to take care of your smile, and we do not just talk about brushing your teeth and flossing, you also have to visit your dentist in Mexico, regularly, a dental cleaning or whitened teeth change the life of anyone.

Balance and proportion are the keys. Loose shirts look better with narrow pants and pencil skirts. Wide pants and skirts with volume require tighter and shorter tops.

Clothing for special occasions is out. It’s about simplifying the outfit and every day must be unique. Less is more.

The accessories are your best friends. A colorful necklace or earrings work day or night, and a colorful stole gives life to any outfit.

Do not be scared of the color. It is essential that you give a touch of light to the dress because the changes in the style of makeup and hair make necessary the lighting that gives the colors to the face.

And without a doubt, the best advice I could give you is that it is essential to wear clothes that make you feel good. Beyond the trends, the feeling of being comfortable and safe with our outfit is much more relevant than fashion dictates.