Expansion of art through entrepreneurial artists

In Mexico, you can not only find dental services at a reasonable price like teeth whitening in Tijuana with Sanoviv Dental, but it is also recognized for its gastronomy and vast culture, in fact lately this last point has been substantially supported, support for entrepreneurial artists has been increasing.

For this reason, a project has been created that seeks the promotion and development of emerging entrepreneurial artists, as well as encouraging interaction between people, building links and lasting spaces through a network of artists, because in Tijuana and San Diego there are around 30 art events, but none of them addresses the need to give advice to artists to achieve their goals.

Tijuana Art Market had its first edition in November 2017, with the participation of 30 artists, eight emerging bands, and more than 500 attendees.

Elizabeth Vega, creator of this platform, stressed the importance of motivating herself to follow her ideas and said: do not think about it a lot, because things come out better sometimes in hot because if you are thinking about it that day it will turn into a year and that year for thousands of years, then if you have an idea, and you think that idea is good, do it.

Although art does not wholly modify the social conditions in which we live, it can build alternatives that are embodied in the walls. Finally, they are reflections that tell the moment they passed: “Many discovered artistic skills that they did not know they had, and that opens the panorama in their new situation.”

What happens in the city and we do not see
Garzón Masabo, Cuban artist, installed in Tijuana just over 15 years ago, in addition to recognizing Haitian roots in his family, has noticed the change that has taken place in the “corner of Mexico.” For him, it is clear that culture, in all its expressions, has been enriched by the presence of these Caribbean migrants.

One of the great supports has been the Ágora Tijuanense which is an informative forum held by Tijuana Innovadora held every Wednesday in CANACO, an open space where the spheres of the movement make known the activities in which they are working, as well as projects of the business sector, the three levels of government, the organized society and the community in general wish to share with the citizens.

Events like these with free entry, offer a wide variety of artistic projects, painting, drawing, photography, and micro businesses.