Dressing Fashionable Having 50

Currently, there are solutions for everything, if you went to 50, you do not have to worry, with a few dermatological treatments your skin is as good as new, and over the kilos that have gone together with the years, a simple bariatric surgery Tijuana Mexico can solve your life. Over 50, women are in a unique stage of fulfillment that many of us who are younger would love to experience.

Among other things that concern us at that age, is clothing, it is more complicated to know what to choose, that is why we will leave you some recommendations to make you look spectacular regardless of size or age.

Beyond the age of 50, many women, including our mothers, find few references and fashion inspiration at the time of dressing as everything seems too classic, very conservative or merely dull.

The models of magazines and catwalks that are sometimes very young and with bodies and sizes that are far from the common of women, little help to get ideas when dressing and, increasingly, it is evident the need to promote more inclusive when talking about fashion, especially considering that today women 50 and older are more active and vital than ever.

The good news is that the big beauty brands have realized this reality and have begun advertising campaigns in favor of diversity in beauty, both in aesthetics or beauty products and in fashion.

The truth, the age beyond being an indicator, should not limit us or confuse us so much about how to dress. Over 50, women are safer, more determined women, and they know what they want and, what is even better, they know each other deeply. That wisdom and self-confidence make them irresistible!

Put on what makes her feel good. No matter what others say, life is to enjoy it and you know it better than anyone.

Do not become obsessed with trends that are fashionable. Buy what you like and use it as you understand it works. The idea is to look modern, but timeless and effortless.

Wear sash and body shapers always. This will make you look stylized and your clothes will fit better.

Comfortable shoes are the best decision when dressing. If you can only use flat shoes do it, there are many alternatives and fashion without sacrificing comfort.