Do not be afraid to dating

When you have not had a date for a long time, maybe we feel nervous, maybe you did cosmetic plastic surgery Tijuana and have more self-esteem than ever and you want to be a queen in the dating world but you do not know how to start, well there’s no reason to worry! Here we will show you some tips to be better prepared for your appointment, but remember that the main thing is that you be yourself.

Nude, terracotta tones will be our allies
Let’s leave the smokey eyes only for the night unless it’s in light brown tones; and the lipsticks of very strident colors. The naturalness for a first date is the best, but if we feel comfortable with a red lipstick, do not hesitate to use it, these are tips, but each one knows what feels best. We can take compact powders in the bag for a retouch if necessary and if you are of oily skin, you may want to take some absorbent papers.

Makeup and discreet perfume. What is necessary and essential is the use of perfume. Many studies confirm that the brain associates smells with memories and people and if we want to remind us that will be vital. A good perfume used in moderation is a good weapon of seduction. We can also carry a small bottle in the bag with perfume to touch up.


Sincerity is basic in a first date
Wedding and marriage are taboo subjects for a first date. What you really want is to know the other. If we already know or have spoken before, you can touch on these issues if we have enough confidence.

The place to go the first time you stay is very important since the environment that surrounds us influences both. The first time it is better to stay a short time, a few hours, although if the thing goes well it can be extended. There is nothing worse than unpunctuality, therefore you have to arrive at the time; Five minutes of courtesy are elegant, we make ourselves beg, but not more, because it shows little interest in the person.

Better go to a place we know. On a first date, you can go for lunch or dinner, a well-known restaurant before you go to places to innovate because you can go wrong. The place can be decided between the two, although if you stay in the area of the other, this is usually the one you choose where you are going. Advice: go to a restaurant that we know well, the recommendations of the menu make us look very interesting and it is a point in our favor. If we do not like it, it’s better to be honest with him.