Cardi B Has Become a Reference Of Style

We all know that celebrities are icons of fashion that both young and old want to follow, for example when choosing their homecoming dresses, girls choose the colors and styles that their favorite artists use.

The music industry is contributing new figures that aspire to take the place of those who already dominate the sector. Rebellious, disruptive and with a twist, the rapper Cardi B is one of the new appearances that is reaching the top, not only of music but of other fields such as fashion, its nails, for example, are a must among the neighborhood girls.

During the short time, it has been successful, the rapper has shown a style to dress that has won the admiration of a large mass of followers. With an extravagant and groundbreaking taste, Cardi B has already managed to undertake its first collaboration with the fashion brand Fashion Nova, of which the singer declares herself a faithful follower through her publications on social networks.

The firm, with almost 20 million followers in its Instagram account, has found its success selling garments focused on a young audience with a very defined style. Mini tight dresses, sportswear, and messages, jeans that enhance the curves and aggressive prints are some of its basics.

This style also marries perfectly with the image presented by Cardi B: risky and rebellious. In addition to choosing the best designers to dress, the rapper has starred in some of the most viral moments of the fashion industry this 2018.

Although in her songs she remembers past and difficult times, like her childhood in the Bronx or her premature work as a stripper, the singer has replaced that humility with excess and appearance. Now Cardi B dresses from Balenciaga, Versace or Saint Laurent and boasts an engagement ring valued at half a million dollars.

With the emergence of social networks and figures such as the Kardashian or the recent Cardi B, an emerging style of clothing has been created that mixes formal and informal styles at the same time. New codes that respond to new generations and show through Instagram.