4 Reasons Why Buying Alpaca Sweaters is the Perfect Holiday Gift

The holiday season is only two months away, and people are already looking for that perfect gift to put under the tree. Whether you got dirty looks last year from giving boring socks, or the gift was so amazing you feel hard-pressed to outdo it, you have an amazing option: alpaca sweaters for men and women.

First things first, you need to make sure you purchase your holiday gift from a high quality alpaca sweaters seller who sources alpaca clothing from Peru or Bolivia. The last thing you need is to get duped into buying an alpaca sweater blend with sheep’s wool from some dodgy seller in Panama. When it comes to pure luxury, the best alpaca sweaters come from the farms of Bolivia and Peru. Now here are four compelling reasons why you should buy an alpaca sweater for your dad, mom, brother and sister.

1. Alpaca Sweaters are Eco-Friendly

When you buy alpaca sweaters from Peru, you are supporting a farming method that is completely green and eco-friendly. Peruvian alpaca sweaters are made in a process void of any machinery or process that releases toxins or pollutants into the atmosphere. If your brother is a tree-hugging hippie type, or your mom is a huge advocate of Mother Nature, get them a handmade alpaca sweater from Peru and tell the story of their eco-friendly creation. Also, be sure to let them know that alpaca are free to roam in their natural environment and live life without fences or restricted items. Alpaca live free, and give up their wool in a way that is healthy for them, and for the earth.

2. Buying Alpaca Sweaters Supports Sustainable Living

When you buy alpaca sweaters from Peru, you are helping family farms that date back as far as 1000 years survive and thrive. These people hand-shear alpaca and weave the fibers into sweaters on their looms, just as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Selling alpaca sweaters is what keeps food on these family tables, and allows their village to thrive economically. When you buy your loved one an alpaca sweater, be sure to share this tidbit of information.

3. Alpaca Sweaters are Luxurious and Affordable

Want to get your loved one a luxurious gift but you also don’t want to bleed your wallet dry? Alpaca sweaters are very soft and well-made; they are true staples of luxurious fashion. In fact, fashion designers like Dior, Prada and Armani use alpaca wool to make sweaters, hats, gloves, ruanas, and scarves.

4. Alpaca Sweaters Last Forever

If properly cared for, alpaca sweaters can even outlive your sister! Be sure to hand-wash them using a gentle detergent. Don’t ring out the water when drying the garment; gently press the water out and lay the alpaca sweater flat on a dry towel. Do not hang the garment with a hanger, or drape it over a chair. It will last forever if you store it in a box with air holes, in a moth-free environment.

Alpaca sweaters make the perfect holiday gift, as they come in multiple styles, shapes, colors and sizes. Buy yours today!