Do not be afraid to dating

When you have not had a date for a long time, maybe we feel nervous, maybe you did cosmetic plastic surgery Tijuana and have more self-esteem than ever and you want to be a queen in the dating world but you do not know how to start, well there’s no reason to worry! Here we will show you some tips to be better prepared for your appointment, but remember that the main thing is that you be yourself.

Nude, terracotta tones will be our allies
Let’s leave the smokey eyes only for the night unless it’s in light brown tones; and the lipsticks of very strident colors. The naturalness for a first date is the best, but if we feel comfortable with a red lipstick, do not hesitate to use it, these are tips, but each one knows what feels best. We can take compact powders in the bag for a retouch if necessary and if you are of oily skin, you may want to take some absorbent papers.

Makeup and discreet perfume. What is necessary and essential is the use of perfume. Many studies confirm that the brain associates smells with memories and people and if we want to remind us that will be vital. A good perfume used in moderation is a good weapon of seduction. We can also carry a small bottle in the bag with perfume to touch up.


Sincerity is basic in a first date
Wedding and marriage are taboo subjects for a first date. What you really want is to know the other. If we already know or have spoken before, you can touch on these issues if we have enough confidence.

The place to go the first time you stay is very important since the environment that surrounds us influences both. The first time it is better to stay a short time, a few hours, although if the thing goes well it can be extended. There is nothing worse than unpunctuality, therefore you have to arrive at the time; Five minutes of courtesy are elegant, we make ourselves beg, but not more, because it shows little interest in the person.

Better go to a place we know. On a first date, you can go for lunch or dinner, a well-known restaurant before you go to places to innovate because you can go wrong. The place can be decided between the two, although if you stay in the area of the other, this is usually the one you choose where you are going. Advice: go to a restaurant that we know well, the recommendations of the menu make us look very interesting and it is a point in our favor. If we do not like it, it’s better to be honest with him.

Cardi B Has Become a Reference Of Style

We all know that celebrities are icons of fashion that both young and old want to follow, for example when choosing their homecoming dresses, girls choose the colors and styles that their favorite artists use.

The music industry is contributing new figures that aspire to take the place of those who already dominate the sector. Rebellious, disruptive and with a twist, the rapper Cardi B is one of the new appearances that is reaching the top, not only of music but of other fields such as fashion, its nails, for example, are a must among the neighborhood girls.

During the short time, it has been successful, the rapper has shown a style to dress that has won the admiration of a large mass of followers. With an extravagant and groundbreaking taste, Cardi B has already managed to undertake its first collaboration with the fashion brand Fashion Nova, of which the singer declares herself a faithful follower through her publications on social networks.

The firm, with almost 20 million followers in its Instagram account, has found its success selling garments focused on a young audience with a very defined style. Mini tight dresses, sportswear, and messages, jeans that enhance the curves and aggressive prints are some of its basics.

This style also marries perfectly with the image presented by Cardi B: risky and rebellious. In addition to choosing the best designers to dress, the rapper has starred in some of the most viral moments of the fashion industry this 2018.

Although in her songs she remembers past and difficult times, like her childhood in the Bronx or her premature work as a stripper, the singer has replaced that humility with excess and appearance. Now Cardi B dresses from Balenciaga, Versace or Saint Laurent and boasts an engagement ring valued at half a million dollars.

With the emergence of social networks and figures such as the Kardashian or the recent Cardi B, an emerging style of clothing has been created that mixes formal and informal styles at the same time. New codes that respond to new generations and show through Instagram.

Conquer Your Crush In Three Steps

Beauty is relative and although tastes are broken genres, there are standards that we can follow to have the greatest chance of attracting the attention of others. sometimes your body doesn’t help you and you need to get breast implants in Tijuana with this surgery you can be more prepared for your dates with your crush.

How many times have we heard the typical “is ugly but has something, I do not know what, but I like it”, this happens when the person we like does not have a graceful physique but has a pleasant personality, which is more attractive to us.

A man with very masculine features, increases the possibility of attracting a lady, because in the subconscious of the woman looks for someone who makes her feel protected. The same goes for women who do not meet the standards of beauty imposed by society, an ideal body and a perfect face.

But we are not always that person who dazzles everyone for their physique, so check the following steps that will make your crush key your look and attention only in you.


1. If you are a woman, choose to be much more feminine and delicate. Act safely and always keep a smile on your face, try with a cosmetic dentistry Mexico to improve your smile.

But if you are a man, try to be attentive to the girl you like, and maintain the attitude of a gentleman, this increases your masculinity and impresses women.

2. It is very important that you take maximum care of your personal hygiene. When someone has problems with their toilet, it displeases those around them away from them.

So pay close attention to such simple details as brushing your teeth, combing your hair, shaving, keeping your clothes clean, etc.

3. Find out about the things that your crush, their topics of interest and dare to engage with him or her a conversation with which you will leave surprised and above all, you will make you interested in you.

Intelligence is a skill that will become your ally to carry out this point.

There are no ugly or beautiful people, the important thing is to know what are the virtues you have and take advantage of them.

Get the most out of these three points so that you can conquer your crush and say goodbye to singleness.